Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mango Otap and Mango Bar of Trappist Monastary gift Shop in Guimaras

Every time I hear the word Guimaras, a province in Panay Island, one word get into my mind  Mango. How about you?
We dropped in the gift shop of Trappist Monastary,  Home of the Contemplative Trappist Catholic Christian Monks of the Philippines. My sister who happened not to be with us in our tour asked for pasalubong (gifts) from Guimaras.
I bought Mango Bar, Mango Otap and of course Mango Fruits.

We liked the mango bar, it is a butterscotch cake with mango chips and cashew nuts on top. The zest of mango blended with the butterscotch and nuts. It’s definitely delicious. Each cake s individually wrapped. One box consists of 10 cakes.

The Mango Otap is a flaky cookie coated with mango syrup. In each wrap it consists of three otaps. In a box it has 8 packs.

We Filipinos always bring gifts or pasalubong every time we would go to other places. Small or big  things are really appreciated.

For those who are foreigners Explore Philippines and includes to try native delicacies. Who knows your palete might like it too. Be adventurous.

Gift Shop
Trappist Monastary
San Miguel, Jordan

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amici (Amici de Don Bosco)

Almost every occasion my sisters, who are  working in Makati bring cakes and pastries coming from Amici. I thought it was franchised Italian restaurant. Usually when we would go out  or  on tour, if we couldn’t think of what to eat, we would look for Italian restaurants. For me with Italian foods, I will not go wrong.  Don’t get me wrong I love any different cuisines. It’s just when I couldn’t think of what to eat, I would prefer Italian food instead. My sisters told me that Amici serves authentic Italian food in an affordable prices or should I say a bit higher from the prices of the fast food. Like last Valentine my sister gave a box of Lemon bar. I liked the blend of sour and sweetness taste of it that I didn’t  notice I almost finished half of it in one sitting.   

Two weeks ago our nephew was going to celebrate his 20th birthday, so we decided to dine in Amici. We went to its branch in Venice Piazza, Mc Kinley Hill Rd., Mc Kinely Hills, Taguig. As we waited for our food, I read their humble beginning, got amazed how this restaurant started as a cafeteria for the company workers of a printing press that eventually catered to the students then open its door to public. Read in here how this restaurant  got in the main stream of restaurants. It was first called as Amici de Don Bosco which means Friends of Don bosco.

We ordered the Amici Group Meal Famiglia, it composed of Margherita, Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Italian Sausage with 1 Pitcher of Iced Tea, Nocciola Blend, Choco Sans Rival and Pistaccio Almond Gelato Shake. Then we took out a whole of Caramella Premia for the birthday celebrant, who unfortunately missed the outing. LOL sorry for him.

For the most pop of all the food we ordered was the Pasta Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino. I loved the taste of the garlic and oil in the tender spaghetti noodles with ample  parmesan cheese and bits of anchovies. That made me look for a recipe on line to try it in our house.

The spaghetti alla Carbonara has creamy taste. Italian food is flavorful because of its huge amount of parmesan. That’s their secret to make their food tasty.

I am not into sausage except if it’s in a bread. Although in Amici it is served with steamed veggies that balance the taste of the meat so its fine.

Margherita Pizza was fine, mozzarella with fresh basil leaves. Love to eat pizza while hot.    

Choco Sans Rival is an ice cream cake, flavored chocolate ice cream with meringue wafer. And it was plated on a white plate with chocolate and jelly as decoration.

Nocciola Blend  a hazelnut ice cream  with chocolate flakes and cherry on top bedded on lady finger cookies. It’s part of the affogato selection. I was thinking the scoop of ice cream will be served with hot espresso like in other Italian restaurants but in Amici the espresso served was not.  For me this dessert  is overpriced. Much better to try dessert than this.

According to the waiter the best seller for gelato shake is the Pistachio Almond Gelato Shake. It has a taste of creamy and nutty shake. The tiny bits of the nuts make it flavorful.

Caramella Premia is a caramel flavored chiffon cake with cashew nuts and caramel icing. The cake and icing are both were smooth, heavenly spongy cake with nuts. We went home late because we watched a concert and this what the cake looked like, lol but the taste still the same.

Italian Food at its best in Amici.

Mc Kinly Rd.
Mc Kinley Hills, Taguig.