Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mango Otap and Mango Bar of Trappist Monastary gift Shop in Guimaras

Every time I hear the word Guimaras, a province in Panay Island, one word get into my mind  Mango. How about you?
We dropped in the gift shop of Trappist Monastary,  Home of the Contemplative Trappist Catholic Christian Monks of the Philippines. My sister who happened not to be with us in our tour asked for pasalubong (gifts) from Guimaras.
I bought Mango Bar, Mango Otap and of course Mango Fruits.

We liked the mango bar, it is a butterscotch cake with mango chips and cashew nuts on top. The zest of mango blended with the butterscotch and nuts. It’s definitely delicious. Each cake s individually wrapped. One box consists of 10 cakes.

The Mango Otap is a flaky cookie coated with mango syrup. In each wrap it consists of three otaps. In a box it has 8 packs.

We Filipinos always bring gifts or pasalubong every time we would go to other places. Small or big  things are really appreciated.

For those who are foreigners Explore Philippines and includes to try native delicacies. Who knows your palete might like it too. Be adventurous.

Gift Shop
Trappist Monastary
San Miguel, Jordan

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