Monday, October 28, 2013

Germinio’s Food-Bura Soda Swimming Pool

It was raining when we reached Benoni Port in Mambajao, Camiguin Island. We rode right away the multi-cab that we hired. The driver told us that we could have our breakfast in the restaurant along the way but the one he showed us was not appealing. He suggested a native chicken in one of the tourist spot that we would visit, Bura Soda Swimming Pool, Bura, Catarman, Camiguin. When we reached the place, the middle aged lady approached us right away. She showed us the menu, for the whole native chicken it costs P300.00, rice for one kilo P100.00. Take note their rice is not ordinary its red rice. She offered us the grilled fish and vegetables too but we ordered one whole chicken and half kilo or rice. I personally asked if she could cook half of the chicken for Tinola and the other half for Adobo. The lady agreed without extra cost to think that the ingredients for the two recipes are different. One cup of rice costs P10.00.We were 4 persons plus the driver that’s why we decided for a half kilo. It took awhile before it was served but it’s worth the wait. Delicious brunch (breakfast and lunch).

I noticed their adobo has tomato as garnishing; usually it is not served with it in other restaurants. But since I love eating fresh tomato I tried it with the adobo to my surprise it tasted good. The adobo was sort of salty but taste just right. The Tinolang manok (Chicken ginger soup) has malunggay leaves and green papaya; it’s my first time to eat tinola with manlunggay leaves, not bad good substitute for chili leaves.

They literally serve Lutong Bahay (home cooked), food is cooked in their house then bring it to the resort, where their house is adjacent.  Great delicious Food. Try it! 

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