Saturday, October 26, 2013


The first time I step out of the multi-cab, it’s a small jeep; Kiping was the one thing that catches my attention. We were in the Katibawasan Falls, in Camiguin Island, I was ready to explore and wonder the might Falls but before that, I indulged in Kiping. It’s a local delicacy, made with cassava flour. When I learned it was made of cassava, my first reaction was it could taste a bit bitter. But to my surprise the taste of cassava couldn’t be detected by my taste bud. Crunchy, thin crisp with Coconut spread. I love it, wanted to bring some to Manila but they have no special packaging to keep it crisp. What I did was just enjoy it in the island. If some of you would like it to be your pasalubong, u could bring your own zip lock bag and put it in a box. Aside from Lansones and Pastel, Kiping  definitely added fun to our Camiguin tour.

Taste and enjoy it while you are in the island. 

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