Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bob’s Restaurant in Bacolod

Our day was tiring came from Silay City’s walking heritage tour. Our plan was to have our dinner in the “The Ruins” but we were still full from our snack in El Ideal bakery. We decided to go back to our hotel and rest. Around 9:00pm my sister called me that we can have our dinner in Bob’s, I was like no other restaurant because in the morning we had our breakfast in Bob’s Café. She said no it’s another location, a restaurant.

   I asked what something different is in this restaurant that we had to try the restaurant? Her friend said its one of the oldest restaurant in the city. They serve American food. My husband said okay we could try it.

The first thing we noticed when we entered was the waiters were mostly guys and sort of young once. Bacolod is known as “City of Smile” but in this restaurant the staff doesn’t know how to smile, contrary to what the city promotes. My husband is coming from west; in their country the customer service is different for sure.

Bob’s Restaurant’s placemat is a paper placemat with print of the menu and its price from year 1965, the year it was founded.

We ordered pepperoni pizza, chicken sate, sate babe, pork teriyaki and orange juice. And our foods were served with an animated waiter. He was like forcing himself to do what he should do. Although according to my sister’s friend the owner takes care of his employees, his employees grow old in this restaurant.

Pepperoni pizza and fresh orange juice were for my husband, he was so dismayed because he said what kind of pizza was this? Tasted like coming from the grocery store then just reheated. His juice was not freshly squeezed because we asked first before we ordered and the waiter said it was. Definitely a huge disappointment.

Before I ordered mine, I asked the waiter what is their bestseller. He said sate. I was thinking sate of Zamboanga City. But my sister’s friend said no it’s a grilled meat with peanut sauce. My mind was tickled with peanut sauce on grilled meat sounds interesting. I ordered chicken sate and for my sister, sate babe. It was not a pop for me, because the rice shouldn’t be java, it should be served with plain rice. The sate sauce doesn’t blend with java rice made it too salty.

My sister’s friend used to dine in Bob’s restaurant, she living in the city. Basically she knows what she was ordering. She said pork teriyaki tasted good because of the sauce blended well with that sprouted mongo.

Hubby whispered to me before we left the restaurant NOT to give tip because he said tip is a way of saying thank you for the good service.

Bob’s Restaurant
B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
(034)4342409 & 709-1307

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