Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Pitstop Restaurant- The Home of Mango Pizza, Jordan, Guimaras Island

Guimaras Island is home for one of the sweetest mango in the world, if not the sweetest. Bringing mango to the island is prohibited. Mango is the number one product of the island. What comes into your mind when u heard Guimaras? For me its mango.

As of now, mango pizza is a must try when in Guimaras Island. The only restaurant that offers it is the Pitstop Restaurant, located in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras. We had a late lunch in the island because we decided to have it in the Pitstop Restaurant.

The first thing we ordered was Mango Pizza even we didn’t see the menu yet. Mmmmm why not? These are the food we ordered Mango Spaghetti(P 65.00), Mango Shake (P 39.00), garden fresh pizza (P 259.00), mango pizza (P189.00), chicken with rice and spaghetti (65.00).

Garden Fresh Pizza
Mango pizzas is made of not so thin or not so thick crust, mango fruit slices, cheese, topped with cashew nuts and green bell pepper. Crust is not the usual that can be found in sbarro, pizza hut, italiani’s, shakey’s, uncle cheffy or other pizza house. I think the crust should be improved and there should be choices thin and thick crust. Personally I love thinner and crunchy crust. I can imagine how the mango fruit slices plus mozzarella would be in a hot, thinner and crunchy crust. It would be perfect. The cheese they used in it is not as good as mozzarella cheese. When I eat pizza it’s the cheese that adds more to the gusto. But nevertheless it was refreshing. Sour and sweet taste blends well plus the chili sauce and the crunchiness of the cashew nuts and bell pepper. We tried it too with mango ketchup instead of tomato ketchup. Wow a great experience.

Mango Pizza
  Mango spaghetti caught our attention, sounds new to us. Well I am sure to most of you the same it’s new too. The sauce used was mixed with mango fruits that made it of course different from the rest of the pasta that we tried before. It’s a typical Filipino Pasta dish, sweet and sour taste, which made it, tastes more of a salad.

Mango Spaghetti
 The mango shake was of course superb. Sweet fresh ripe mango fruit blended shake well.

It’s good to know that the locals are finding ways to promote their local products by incorporating it with other products. Salute to the locals for promoting their place to be known to the country and eventually to the world.

Chavez Bldg., San Miguel
Jordan, Guimaras



  1. Wow...where is this Pitstop Restaurant located in Guimaras?

  2. Guys, did you know that Pitstop has finally branched out in Cebu City (At the back of Bo's Coffee Shop across Cebu Doctors Hospital in Capitol)

    Yes!!! Dont miss to dropby.

  3. Soon to open this October 2014

  4. I've heard lots of good stuffs about I am thinking of holding my son's bday party in here..
    i got pitstop phone number but it would be great if I could have the cellphone number (cellphone is most convenient for me 😊 )
    I would appreciate the reply
    Thank you..