Friday, February 14, 2014

Calea Pastries and Coffee "Sweet life in Bacolod City" - Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


On our second day in Bacolod City “the city of smile”, I noticed that when in this city it’s more on food trip. They have many restaurants and café, almost every corner you can find them. That’s why for me it should be the “city of sweet life”. It shouldn’t be the “city of smile” because most of the people that deal with the supposed to be “customer service” don’t usually smile. My hubby is more convinced that it’s the city of sweet life.    

After our dinner in Bob’s Restaurant we went to Calea pastries and coffee. It’s a pastry shop obviously. I heard about this pastry shop several times because my sisters studied in Iloilo and sometimes they went to Bacolod City. They tried Calea cakes several times. They said their cakes are superb, yummy, and creamy and so on and so forth. Actually on our first night we wanted to try it but it was already closed when we went there. On our second night we didn’t want to miss it.

It’s a cozy café with wide selections of cakes, pastries and cookies. There are pasalubong items in there too. I asked what the best seller for ice cream cake is, the stoned face waitress replied “mud pie”. Lol it’s really the city of frown este city of smile. I just told my hubby it was almost 10pm that’s why the waitress was super tired.

We ordered cappuccino, choco mud pie and mouse cake with chocolate and white chocolate.

Choco Mud pie, is an ice cream cake. The ice cream is extra soft and creamy, top with chocolate fudge, chocolate cookies powder and cashew flakes. It was a pop for me, because the chocolate and the cashew made the taste so good.  

Mouse cake with chocolate and white chocolate has a smooth and creamy texture. My sister’s favorite, she indulge herself even chocolate is not good for her.

It’s a must to visit Calea pastries and coffee because it’s the café that has no branch outside Bacolod City. A rare shop that can only be found only here in Bacolod City

Doors 1-4, Balay Quince Commercial Building.
Corner 15th Lacson Street, Bacolod City


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