Sunday, November 10, 2013

Awesome Tsokolate con Crema by The Manila Collectibles Co.

My sister and I joined a postal heritage tour last month. Part of the tour was dropping by at The Manila Collectibles Co., a cultural gift store. I asked the sales clerk among the spread that they have what is the bestseller; she said the Tsokolate con Crema. I bought one bottle for 200.00 pesos. I got curious would it be like chocolate spread like what we have in the grocery store?

 When we reached the house I tried it right away. It is creamy with a chocolate taste but it tastes more of a coco spread. If you could try the coco spread from Bicol region it is like of that. The Tsokolate con Crema is good for those who have sweet tooth. Chocolate spread the Filipino way. 

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