Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tita Fannies Liempo & Chicken Haus (Since 1999) Cagayan de Oro City

On our second night in Cagayan de Oro, we looked for a signature restaurant in the city. The people we met on the streets told us, Steve’s Barbecue, Tita Fannie’s or Barkadahan. We already tried Steve’s Barbecue so we decided to try Tita Fannie’s. It’s a restaurant, which serves Filipino dishes. My sister asked for their best seller. They recommended Liempo de Lechon, it is a deep fried pork meat, tinolang malasugui, and Halo-halo sa buko.

Liempo de Lechon is not a super pop for me; I can find it here in Manila, too many of this kind, although it tastes good too.
Liempo de Lechon
 What I liked most was the tinolang malasugui, it’s a ginger soup with fish, the taste of the fresh fish plus the ginger and some ingredients blended well.

Tinolang Malasugui
The Halo-halo was not too sweet, just right and i loved it that way. We learned that the ingredients of it were cooked from the scratch; they don’t use the commercial ingredients that can be bought from the grocery.

 It’s a plus point that their crews are friendly and accommodating. They can speak in our National Lanuage, Filipino or Tagalog with ease. Forget about the accent, it doesn’t matter as long as we can understand each other. We dined in, in some restaurants but some were rude, I even tried to speak in international language but still they spoke in their own language. I don’t take that against them they are just like that; maybe they just wanted us to learn their language fast. LOL that’s part of the adventure. This branch has a free wifi internet connection too although we couldn't connect because too many diners at that time. 

While we were engrossed talking about our experiences for the tour, our attention caught by a voice then when we looked at the counter bar, there was a guy serenading the diners while his companion roaming around to ask for some donation.

Our night ended with a nice food and good ambiance.

Corrales St. cor Hayes St. , Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental 9000


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