Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Camalig Pinangat

Road trip going to southern part of Luzon is really fun; it’s like a food trip too. Dropping by in different restaurants to stretch out, rest and address the call of nature. Last weekend we had the chance to do road trip to Bicol because it was a long weekend for All Soul’s Day and All Saints’ Day. We missed the food cooked in coconut cream, that’s what Bicolano food is all about. As we were leaving Ligao, Albay I saw an array of stores selling Rice Puto, Banana Fritters (Sinapot for Bicolanos or Maruya for Tagalogs), I wanted to buy some but we were in a hurry to reach Camalig for our late lunch, sort of hungry, to try the Bicol Pinanagat. This Bicol dish is made of taro leaves, coconut milk and selected spices wrapped in a packet style. .
 There are two varieties of it, Chilly and the regular one (not chilly). I ordered right away each one of the variety but there was no regular one available. We just tried the chilly and of course the bicol express, which is a shrimp paste and pork cooked in rich and creamy coconut cream. It was a worth wait for a lunch, we had a great time indulging in food cooked with rich and creamy coconut milk.

While we were enjoying the beach in Bulusan, Sorsogon called Dancalan Beach. Somebody told us that there is another Pinangat in Camalig that is stuffed with crab we just have to ask for the restaurants about it. That’s why when we were on our way back to Manila we dropped by again in Camalig. We looked for that another variety of pinangat, the waitress said it is called Inulukan. Uluk in local dialect means crab. The pinangat with the same ingredients is stuffed with crab meats, which have made the Inulukan different from other pinangats. It is wrapped smaller than the usual pinangat they have.  We ordered inulukan and the ordinary pinangat together with the bicol express and squid cooked in coconut cream. The price for each pinangat is P40.00 pesos.

Bicol Express and Squid with coconut cream
I tried other pinangats in Bicol or even in Manila, but the pinangats in Camalig so far is the best one. Camalig is said to be the home of pinangat, they stand by that name. Put it on your list when u happens to visit Bicol Region.

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