Sunday, November 3, 2013

Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

One Sunday we visited the National Museums then attended the Pasyal Intramuros. We both enjoyed the two events. It was tiring and at the same time refreshing to rediscover our heritage. Our feet ached so we decided to have a snack in Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant. It is one of the participating restaurants in the Pasyal Intramuros event, that’s why they have chairs and tables on the street outside their restaurant.

My coworkers were encouraging me to get a deal of buffet in this restaurant but I was hesitant. They serve authentic Filipino and Spanish dishes. My sisters and I enjoyed the food, Palabok, Ginataan and Pesto Pasta. One of my sisters told me to purchase a buffet deal so that we can enjoy their food more. The price of their food is not expensive at all, just right. Those who want to attend the Pasyal Intramuros or simply want to explore Intramuros you can purchase a deal or just drop by to have a snack in this restaurant. You will not be disappointed it’s a nice and cozy restaurant. They have a cultural show at night too; the diners can enjoy the show which highlighting the Filipino culture through dance, music and food.



Pesto Pasta

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