Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barkadahan Grill-Cagayan de Oro City

Before we left Cagayan de Oro City, we had a lunch in Barkadahan Grill. It’s located in the Plaza Divisoria. They offer Filipino dishes, grilled food is the specialty. We Ordered Sinigang na Baboy(Tamarind soup with pork and vegetables), Sinuglaw (Grilled pork belly and raw malasugui fish soaked in vinegar), Pancit Canton (sauted noodles) and Sariwang Lumpia (fresh vegetables spring rolls).

 The crews in here are not so customer oriented ones. Not so polite. There is animosity for us or it might be because we are speaking in National Lanuage. My sisters know Ilonggo and Hiligaynon so they can understand their language a bit but not much that’s why I let them do the ordering most of the time.  We didn’t order drinks we opted for service water, when the crew served the food we told him that we need 4 glasses of service water. He just pointed the water dispenser. In manila even it’s a self-service restaurant, service water is served together with the food. Then if the customer wants more water he could just stand up and get the water from the dispenser. That’s why I told my companion maybe this is a Japanese restaurant that customers should serve themselves and even clean the table before going out. So we just made fun of the situation instead.

We enjoyed the food sinigang na baboy,which tasted good. We are fond of soup that’s why it was nice that it served hot and right for our taste.

The sinuglaw is a coined words for sinugba at kinilaw. Sinugba means grilled and kinilaw is soaked with vinigar and other spices. It was not a pop for me. It’s really an extra challenge for me trying raw food. Grilled pork belly tasted good but when it was mixed with the fish couldn’t really eat it.

Pancit Canton tasted well when was still hot but when it was cold, it was too salty.

All of us liked the Lumpiang sariwa specially the peanut sauce, it made the spring roll stood out. The ingredients blended well.

The restaurant has a good ambiance and we noticed too many are dining in.

Some convenience store in the Divisoria Plaza and even few citizens on the streets, were helpful they took time to talk to us and guided us where we would go. One word that I loved to hear when we were there was the world “Balik-balik” meaning balik kayo or come again.

Thanks Cagayanons for the wonderful experience. You taught us too many lessons and that travel is all about, a learning experience.

BBQ Joint and Filipino Restaurant

Plaza Divisioria, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental 9000

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