Friday, November 8, 2013

Rice Puto and Sinapot or Baduya (Banana fritters) of Ligao, Albay

The first thing one would notice when entering or leaving Ligao, Albay is the array of stores selling native delicacy like rice puto stuffed with different flavors, Pandan or Macapuno. I wanted to try it when we were on our way to Sorsogon but we were in a hurry to reach camalig that’s why when we were returning back to Manila, I didn’t want to miss the rice puto and Sinapot of Ligao, Albay, that’s why even we were still full, we dropped by.


 We bought makapuno (another variety of coconut which has a soft coconut meat) and pandan flavored rice puto. It is a steamed cake made of rice flour stuffed with fruit jam. Each pack has two rice puto, the price for Macapuno flavored is 3 packs for 20 while the pandan flavor is 7 pesos per pack.
Sinapot or Banana fritters in Bicol is different from the rest of the country because the banana used is usually not too ripe plus rice flour instead of wheat flour to keep the banana cuts intact plus there is no sugar sprinkled, just the natural sweet of  banana.
Both native delicacies are best to eat while hot.

Our trip was definitely a food trip!

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